What If Software Was Perfect? Really. Read On…

This is going to be a fun post. Imagine for a minute that software is perfect. I mean PERFECT! It does what you want in a few clicks. It’s extensible to fit your needs with just an email you send it to the software Controller (let’s call it Master Chief). It has a voice interface to change the layout of the user screens and another one to author or modify new reports.

It recognizes when a new service has come online and rolls out the red carpet to arrange authentication, authorization and migration of the incoming data. It informs you when an error occurred and has been fixed and a new update has been applied by the Controller, Master Chief, who then rolls out the changes to all the clients in the Enterprise while their machines are idling.  Master Chief notifies the hardware vendor whenever it needs more disk space in advance and more space is allocated.

When a user runs a heavy-CPU task, Master Chief chops it up and distributes it to the grid he already engineered the day he was brought online with a few voice commands.

One morning you wake up and a few guys in suit and ties from the NTSB (National Technology and Storage Board) are at your door to investigate, collect and replace your drive which crashed overnight while it was being backed up. After a formal apology is given and the CNN Reporter wraps up her report you get ready to go to work.

At work you meet with you team to review the latest Artificial Intelligence improvements which came in overnight from your running systems, you laugh at some old joke about RFPs, Blue Screen of Death, and something called Consulting and Professional Services. Profit margins are a thing of the past. All software reside in a trading investment-bank like dark pools and is free for all intents and purposes. IT staff pay is tied to the performance of the business and customer satisfaction…………. Then the Chimes of Windows startup bring you back to reality………..

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